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Although predominatly used by the Entertainment Industry, The Talent Scout welcomes talent from all sectors of business. Our consultations and connections have helped countless people to succeed in their industry. So, if you think you have talent – in any area – be you a talented actor, artist, director, entrepreneur, designer, musician, writer, architect, sportsperson, photographer, etc, connect with us on LinkedIn and message us on there with links to your online profiles.

If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch.

As you’ll see from the small selection of industry and client testimonials below, we love to help people. Namaste 🙂

What the Industry is Saying

A small selection of our industry testimonials

“Ryan’s work and skills in the entertainment industry are invaluable”

Ed Asner

Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Actor and former President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

“We would like to arrange a meeting for the Head of International Artists Management to meet with your client”

International Artists Management

“I have just had the loveliest meeting with your client, I think she is fantastic and have offered representation pending her other meetings.” 

Lauren Dickinson

Talent Manager, Lauren Fox Management

“Many thanks for the referral – your client looks interesting… keep them coming…. great service”  

Mandy Perryment

Talent Agent, Mandy Perryment Artists

“Thank you Ryan, your client does look interesting” 

Suzanne Johnston

Talent Agent, Johnston And Mathers Associates

“Hello Lovely Ryan, so nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for thinking of us.” 

Kelle Bryan

Talent Agent, Advocate Agency

“Thanks for your email. We are interested in seeing an application from your client”

Sophie Flanagan

Talent Agent, W Athletic

“I would be interested to take an initial meeting with your client”

Gregg Millard

Talent Manager, Gregg Millard Management

“He has already achieved so much, but it is obvious to anyone that meets him that Ryan is destined for greatness. 

Pj Dulay

Vice President Global Business Digital Initiative, Universal Music

“Thank you, I would be interested in meeting with your client” 

Linda Kremer

Talent Agent, Billy Marsh Associates

“Hi Ryan, I would be interested in more info about your client” 

Alex McLean-Williams

Talent Agent, McLean-Williams Management

“Yes please!” 

Veronica Jacob

Talent Agent, Fletcher Jacob (London)

“Dear Ryan – Thank you. I would be happy to chat to your client in regards possible representation.” 

Marvin Giles

Talent Manager, Jackie Nicholson Associates

“Thank you – please do ask your client to give us a call” 

Georgia Heptonstall

Talent Manager, Rossmore Management

“would like to meet your client to discuss representation 

Nic Knight Management

“Thanks for the email regarding your client – can she meet us?” 

Georgie North

Talent Manager, GDA Management

Talent Scout Career Consultations

Our Career Consultations offers unique insights into powerful marketing tools that will maximize your current credits and make the industry take notice of you. Here’s a small selection of our testimonials.  

“I was recently introduced to Ryan at the Talent Scout, I only wish I had been in touch with him sooner as I can’t wait to continue our next conversation and work together. Ryan offered me some fantastic career advice and presented me with some eye opening and exciting options about how to take my career to the next level. It’s clear Ryan has worked incredibly hard to have built up his reputation and place in the industry, his wealth of experience speaks volumes as he has helped so many other actors already. The proof is in the pudding and he is definitely someone I want in my corner.”

Rayanna Dibs


“No half promises here, no teasers, no hard-sell, no bullshit. A polite and affable approach to delivering detailed and clear tailored advice, left me feeling understood and resolved. Refreshingly honest and well founded suggestions have me excited and secure in the knowledge that with Ryan on my side, with his extensive experience in many branches of this industry, I’m on to a winning result. 

Georgina Blackledge


“The session was very good – I now feel strong and specific in what I need to do to make myself look better in the acting industry”

Dominic Cannon


Dear Ryan, thank you, for what was a very enlightening career consultation… your sound advice and knowledge of today’s market place is outstanding. Having spent the last 50 years growing and selling some of the world’s biggest brands, I now realise, by your suggestion, that I have neglected my own! Your astute observations, with reference to my ‘online presence’ are spot-on. Thank you again for your excellent guidance. The fee for your consultation is the best £66 I’ve ever spent.

Brian Watson

Ad Director / Guinness World Record Holder

“My consultation was so refreshing, particularly gaining insight to Ryan’s worldly views and experience, all of which where shared with me through the lens of a successful British actor. He is a Legend!!”

Lladel Bryant


Ryan helped me to see the missing holes, and where I was not highlighting my skill set to my advantage. His advice was precise and to the point, I think it has helped to save a lot of time and probably a lot of money in the long run, in knowing exactly what I need to do to gain the representation and type of work I am seeking. The great thing is that it’s all completely achievable – it’s often at times only ourselves that are in the way. Ryan has a very funny and charming nature about him, making him easy to talk to and guide you through the process.”

Natasha Wood


“Dear Ryan, Thank you so very much. I feel empowered and inspired. Your advice makes perfect sense when you spell it out so succinctly and above all it’s perfectly do-able and achievable,  you simply have to know what it is you should be doing! Thank you, again.”

Emma Taylor

Artistic Director, Canal Cafe Theatre / Actress

“Dear Ryan, Thank you so much for making me realize the things I need to consider in order to succeed as an actress. Your consultation was an eye-opener! I will definitely take your advice and implement changes. And, of course, I am looking forward to working with you.”
Emilia Ufir


“Very helpful, great advice and knowledge of working and living in London, New York and Los Angeles. Everything you need to help further your career in this highly competitive international industry”

Austin Spangler


“Ryan, I just want to take some time out to say thank you so much for your useful advice and will definitely implement it.”
Portia Meyer


“Thank you. A few great ideas to work on. And some obvious things I should have known myself!”

Nicola Redman


“Thank you so much for the consultation. It was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to a number of things I hadn’t considered!”
Francesca Brand


“Thanks again – I found it invaluable and you certainly seem to know your stuff.”

Jim Ewan, Actor


“Ryan’s consultation unravelled some important factors in acting particularly to show versatility. With his help I have identified hidden acting talents that I have yet to show.”

Judy Acton


“Really enjoyed the session, full of practical solid advice. Gave me a good awareness of what I need to be doing and of what the evolving industry is looking for to be employable. And it was good to hear from a guy who’s been, and still is, involved in some really interesting original projects.”

James Holdsworth


“Hi Ryan, Thank you again for your candid advice, it’s exactly what I’ve needed and now feel I can progress towards really furthering my career. Again massive thank you.”

Johnathon Neal


“Thank you very much, your advice was invaluable. It was like a wake up call on how I should be presenting myself to the industry.  Some great ideas to work on! Thanks!”

Kim Driver


“Ryan helped me to sort out my short term goals and to find a few different ways of achieving them, which has really made it easier to just start focussing and progressing. The headshot and showreel advice was also great and once I’ve moved onto the next stage of my career, if I am in need of any other advice, I will definitely book another consultation! Thanks again.”

Emma O'Hara


Heading to Edinburgh?

Another benefit to your consultation with our CEO, Ryan J-W Smith, is that he’s an awarding-winning producer that has had huge success at the world’s largest theatre festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Ryan took his third verse play, Love Labours Won there in 2006 and 2007 where it was lauded with countless 4 and 5-star reviews and was ‘Pick of the Fringe’ both years running. The large size of Smith’s audiences (see video on the right) was unprecedented for theatre with no stars in it and Smith was named ‘Promoter of the Year’ by both the Observer and the Herald Scotland national newspapers. So, it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about promoting a show, but don’t take our word for it – check out Amy Burke’s testimonial.

“Thanks so much! I am SO pleased I decided to have a consultation with Ryan. It was so refreshing to have an open and direct conversation with someone so knowledgeable about the business in three wildly different cities, who could give me an honest and unbiased opinion about what makes sense for me professionally. Ryan is candid and direct, and also incredibly encouraging. 

The unexpected and added benefit of the consultation was Ryan’s knowledge about producing for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’m producing my first show there this year, and Ryan was able to give me loads of great ideas about how to approach producing and promotion and marketing of the show. That combined with his enthusiasm for the concept of the show itself made me surer than ever that this is what I need to be focusing on at the moment, and that injection of confidence is absolutely priceless

Ryan, you’re a star, and I’m so grateful our online paths crossed! Hopefully our real-life ones will cross soon as well. Take care, and all the best to you!”
Amy Burke


The Talent Scout is privileged to have been selected for, and participated in, a Consultancy Project with University College London

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