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“Your journey to better representation starts by talking to us.

Approaching agents and managers can be daunting – we’re the middle-man you’ve been waiting for. We want to get to know you, and help you understand exactly how the market works in your city and how best to fine-tune your online presence to make powerful agents and managers not just sit up and take notice, but fight each other to sign you. 

It all begins with a consultation…”

Ryan J-W Smith, The Talent Scout CEO & Artist

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The Talent Scout – Industry Referral Service

For Actors in London, LA and NYC

What is The Talent Scout?

Probably the best way to understand what The Talent Scout is and how it can help actors and other talented individuals further their careers is to let some of our recent clients share their experience. We’re delighted and grateful that both actresses, Krisztina Koltai and Fiona Rene, wanted to share their experience with The Talent Scout. Here’s what they had to say.

Fiona Rene – Los Angeles Referral

Fiona was acting professionally in London, but wanted to move to L.A. After a Career Consultation we invited her to pursue our Referral Service, which she jumped up. She is now very happily signed with excellent representation in L.A.

Ryan is exactly what he says to be. Easy to talk to and on the same team, he delivered a wonderful array of agents and managers to meet with. Ryan gets specific on preparing your materials and was always there when I had any doubt. Absolute legend. ” – Fiona Rene

The Artist’s Dilemma

Having worked on both sides of the casting table for over 20 years, we know the artist’s dilemma well. Actors want amazing representation with agents and managers who recognize and admire their talent, have the contacts and determination, and can get them the work they deserve. Writers want literary agents and perhaps producing theaters to notice them; composers want production companies to hire them, and filmmakers want distributors. But these people are swamped by unsolicited submissions every day – so how do you reach them?

Actors, for example, consider the following options:

Mailouts? (click to open)

Usually end up in the trash. Add to that insult the expense of printing up headshots, letters, resumes, buying envelopes and stamps – plus the time involved in researching agents, writing letters and sending everything out. Having done all that, there’s no guarantee that any of the agents you write to will even open your package, let alone view it or want to meet you.


Unfortunately, the agents, managers and casting directors who attend showcases are usually paid to be there. As such it’s hard for an actor to be sure that any industry attending is genuinely interested in finding great talent. Showcases can also only host so many agents and managers in their venues, and agents and managers often do not have the time to travel to, and sit through, them. As such, showcases often result in little to no interest – but the actor has already paid for the showcase, with no offer of a refund, even if they receive no interest from agents or managers attending.

Electronic Submission Services?

These service providers have low standards as they will typically pitch anyone who will pay. They also do not have relationships with the agents they pitch to. These services are cheap; get little response, and guarantee nothing for a reason.

The Talent Scout Solution

As the world’s most renowned talent scout, with over 20 years of experience, agents, managers and other industry professionals trust our opinion when it comes to talent. Our industry contacts know and appreciate that our artistic and business standards are exceptionally high. So when we send them someone to look at – they look. Our service is highly selective, however – our contacts only expect the highest quality artists. To be considered for the Referral Service artists should book a Career Consultation.

A Unique Referral Service

Actors – if selected for our Referral Service, we guarantee you will be offered meetings with agents and managers that are hungry to sign you. From your first consultation, we work with you, refining your profile to make you look the best you possibly can before we present you to our industry contacts.

Guaranteed Success

We stand by our unparalleled service. We have a 100% success rate. If we made a mistake and don’t get you signed, we are happy to give you a full refund. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have never had to make good on our guarantee – every client has been happily signed.


Money-back Guarantee

More Case Studies

Natasha Powell – London Referral

Natasha approached us looking for help in changing agent in London and we were delighted to be of service to her.

I was spoilt for choice with agents. After attending 6 out of the 7 meetings offered, I was offered representation from all 6… Thanks so much again, Ryan!” – Natasha Powell

Claire Ross-Brown – London to Los Angeles Referral

A British actress, Claire approached us to help her find strong representation in L.A. We quickly got her 7 meetings with top agents and managers and she signed with her top choice.

Ryan, I’m so impressed by what you offer – Not just the meetings in themselves, but the time you took, to talk them over and really help me in making the right decision. This is a really impressive service.  I would recommend any actor who wants to succeed using The Talent Scout.  They exceeded my expectations!” – Claire Ross-Brown

Jenny Wambaa – London Referral

Jenny moved to London from Kenya. Finding it hard to get an agent, she booked a Career Consultation with The Talent Scout. We then helped her perfect her showreel using our Showreel Service, before offering her our Referral Service.

Through our service, Jenny received interest from a full dozen agents and managers. We helped her to navigate her way and she finally settled on her preferred agent of choice.

I want to thank you for all your help – I couldn’t have seen so many without you. I am terribly, terribly happy! I would highly recommend The Talent Scout’s Referral Service. It worked for me! Ryan’s wisdom throughout the whole process was invaluable.” – Jenny Wambaa

Empowering the Artist

Usually our clients will receive requests for meetings with several agents and managers, not just one. When several agents or managers want you, suddenly the tables are turned. Agents and managers start fighting over you and it is the artist who finds themselves in a strong bargaining position to negotiate a contract in their favor since they now have several offers at once – and because The Talent Scout referred you, the agents and mangers you meet will know they have competition (or at the very least, suspect it). 😉


We’re not lawyers, so we cannot replace legal advice, but we have seen a lot of contracts in our time. Before heading to their lawyers, artists often seek our opinion on the contracts they are being offered. We are happy to share our thoughts as part of our unique Referral Service.

Amazing – where do I sign?

Not so fast, darling, the Referral Service is by invitation only. Step 1 is to book a Career Consultation so we can get to know you – know where you are coming from, where you feel you are and where you want to get to. We’ll also talk to you about how you are running your business, and go through your online profile together and offer expert advice for dramatic improvements so the industry sits up and takes notice of you. From years of experience, we know what our industry contacts love, and what puts them off.

As you’ll see from our client testimonials and case studies, it works like a charm.

Our Success Rate


Talent Scout Referrals resulting in clients gaining meetings


Meetings convert to Signings


Client Happiness

Our Contacts

 We know a few people

Agents, Managers & Casting Directors

Los Angeles


New York

Literary Agents

Los Angeles


New York

Film Distributors / Production Companies


North America


Producing Theatres






Ad Agencies


Journalists / Media Outlets


What the Industry is Saying

A small selection of our industry testimonials

“Ryan’s work and skills in the entertainment industry are invaluable”

Ed Asner

Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Actor and former President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

“We would like to arrange a meeting for the Head of International Artists Management to meet with your client”

International Artists Management

“I have just had the loveliest meeting with your client, I think she is fantastic and have offered representation pending her other meetings.” 

Lauren Dickinson

Talent Manager, Lauren Fox Management (London)

“Great. Let’s set a meeting for next week.”

Andrew Stawiarski

Talent Manager, A.D.S. Management (LA)

“Many thanks for the referral – your client looks interesting… keep them coming…. great service”  

Mandy Perryment

Talent Agent, Mandy Perryment Artists (London)

“Thank you Ryan, your client does look interesting” 

Suzanne Johnston

Talent Agent, Johnston And Mathers Associates (London)

 “I would be interested in meeting your client”

Richard Kerner

Talent Manager, Kerner Management Associates (LA)

“Hello Lovely Ryan, so nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for thinking of us.” 

Kelle Bryan

Talent Agent, Advocate Agency (London)

“I am very interested in having a appointment with your client. I do welcome your service so feel free to email me more of your clients when they become available.” 

Thomas Ybarra

Talent Manager, Top Priority Group (LA)

“Thanks for your email. We are interested in seeing an application from your client”

Sophie Flanagan

Talent Agent, W Athletic (London)

“Hi Ryan. We are interested in meeting with your client. Thanks”

Nicole Seymour

Talent Agent, LG Management (LA)

“I would be interested to take an initial meeting with your client”

Gregg Millard

Talent Manager, Gregg Millard Management (London)

“Thank you Ryan, I will take a look at your client’s materials”

Alex Butler

CEO / Talent Agent, Henderson Hogan Agency (NYC)

“Thanks for the email regarding your client – can she meet us?” 

Georgie North

Talent Manager, GDA Management (London)

“Thank you for the referral. Please let your client know that the management team would be happy to meet her when she is in LA” 

Julian Buchan

Asst. to Steven J. Wolfe, Sneak Preview Entertainment (LA)

“He has already achieved so much, but it is obvious to anyone that meets him that Ryan is destined for greatness. 

Pj Dulay

Vice President Global Business Digital Initiative, Universal Music

“Thank you, I would be interested in meeting with your client” 

Linda Kremer

Talent Agent, Billy Marsh Associates (London)

“I would be happy to set up a meeting with your client… Ryan, thank you very much.” 

Michael Forman

Talent Manager, Michael Forman Management (LA)

“Hi Ryan, I would be interested in more info about your client” 

Alex McLean-Williams

Talent Agent, McLean-Williams Management (London)

“Is your client looking for a manager?”

Josselyne Herman-Saccio

Talent Manager, Josselyne Herman & Associates (NYC)

“Your client is welcome to contact me by email”

Steven Buchsbaum

Talent Manager, Ad Astra Management (LA)

“Yes please!” 

Veronica Jacob

Talent Agent, Fletcher Jacob (London)

“Ryan, Thanks. I appreciate your recommendations. Please keep them coming! All the best to you!”

Oliver Carnay

Talent Manager, International Artists PR & Talent Management (LA)

“Ryan – Thank you for the referral.”

Ninna Sexsmith

Talent Agent, Daniel Hoff Agency (LA)

“Thank you for your suggestion. You represent a good service to the industry!”

Michael Wallach

Talent Manager, Michael Wallach Management (LA)

“Dear Ryan – Thank you. I would be happy to chat to your client in regards possible representation.” 

Marvin Giles

Talent Manager, Jackie Nicholson Associates (London)

“It was so great to meet you and your client”

Heidi Rotbart

Talent Manager, Heidi Rotbart Management (LA)

“Thank you – please do ask your client to give us a call” 

Georgia Heptonstall

Talent Manager, Rossmore Management (London)

“I loved your client. Would definitely like to work with him.” 

Versa Manos

Talent Manager, Gorgeous Media Group (LA)

“would like to meet your client to discuss representation 

Nic Knight Management (London)

“We’d love to have your client come in and sign with us! Thank you” 

Lacy Serrao

Agent, Peak Models (LA)

Take control today

Know it or not, as an artist, you are actually running a small business, with yourself as the product. You already invested in training, headshots, a showreel and a website. Growing your business by investing in essential marketing tools like our highly-prized services should also be a fundamental part of your business plan.

Don’t have a business plan? You need one – you’re a business owner. We can help you create a simple yet effective plan during your consultation. These things work, that’s why successful businesses do them.

Career Consultation Service

Talent Scout Career Consultation Service

Our Career Consultation Service offers unique insights into powerful marketing tools that will maximize your current credits and make the industry take notice of you. It is also essential preparation for our Referral Service – we need to get to know you – and we’ve never met an actor yet that didn’t require our marketing, business and artistic expertise to refine their online presence. And even if you’re not quite ready for the Referral Service, you will absolutely come away from your consultation with a clear set of steps to take so you can be ready for it soon. 

“I was recently introduced to Ryan at the Talent Scout, I only wish I had been in touch with him sooner as I can’t wait to continue our next conversation and work together. Ryan offered me some fantastic career advice and presented me with some eye opening and exciting options about how to take my career to the next level. It’s clear Ryan has worked incredibly hard to have built up his reputation and place in the industry, his wealth of experience speaks volumes as he has helped so many other actors already. The proof is in the pudding and he is definitely someone I want in my corner.”

Rayanna Dibs


“No half promises here, no teasers, no hard-sell, no bullshit. A polite and affable approach to delivering detailed and clear tailored advice, left me feeling understood and resolved. Refreshingly honest and well founded suggestions have me excited and secure in the knowledge that with Ryan on my side, with his extensive experience in many branches of this industry, I’m on to a winning result. 

Georgina Blackledge


“The session was very good – I now feel strong and specific in what I need to do to make myself look better in the acting industry”

Dominic Cannon


Dear Ryan, thank you, for what was a very enlightening Career Consultation… your sound advice and knowledge of today’s market place is outstanding. Having spent the last 50 years growing and selling some of the world’s biggest brands, I now realise, by your suggestion, that I have neglected my own! Your astute observations, with reference to my ‘online presence’ are spot-on. Thank you again for your excellent guidance. The fee for your consultation is the best £66 I’ve ever spent.

Brian Watson

Ad Director / Guinness World Record Holder

“My consultation was so refreshing, particularly gaining insight to Ryan’s worldly views and experience, all of which where shared with me through the lens of a successful British actor. He is a Legend!!”

Lladel Bryant


Ryan helped me to see the missing holes, and where I was not highlighting my skill set to my advantage. His advice was precise and to the point, I think it has helped to save a lot of time and probably a lot of money in the long run, in knowing exactly what I need to do to gain the representation and type of work I am seeking. The great thing is that it’s all completely achievable – it’s often at times only ourselves that are in the way. Ryan has a very funny and charming nature about him, making him easy to talk to and guide you through the process.”

Natasha Wood


“Dear Ryan, Thank you so very much. I feel empowered and inspired. Your advice makes perfect sense when you spell it out so succinctly and above all it’s perfectly do-able and achievable,  you simply have to know what it is you should be doing! Thank you, again.”

Emma Taylor

Artistic Director, Canal Cafe Theatre / Actress

“Dear Ryan, Thank you so much for making me realize the things I need to consider in order to succeed as an actress. Your consultation was an eye-opener! I will definitely take your advice and implement changes. And, of course, I am looking forward to working with you.”
Emilia Ufir


“Very helpful, great advice and knowledge of working and living in London, New York and Los Angeles. Everything you need to help further your career in this highly competitive international industry”

Austin Spangler


“Ryan, I just want to take some time out to say thank you so much for your useful advice and will definitely implement it.”
Portia Meyer


“Thank you. A few great ideas to work on. And some obvious things I should have known myself!”

Nicola Redman


“Thank you so much for the consultation. It was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to a number of things I hadn’t considered!”
Francesca Brand


“Thanks again – I found it invaluable and you certainly seem to know your stuff.”

Jim Ewan, Actor


“Ryan’s consultation unravelled some important factors in acting particularly to show versatility. With his help I have identified hidden acting talents that I have yet to show.”

Judy Acton


“Really enjoyed the session, full of practical solid advice. Gave me a good awareness of what I need to be doing and of what the evolving industry is looking for to be employable. And it was good to hear from a guy who’s been, and still is, involved in some really interesting original projects.”

James Holdsworth


“Hi Ryan, Thank you again for your candid advice, it’s exactly what I’ve needed and now feel I can progress towards really furthering my career. Again massive thank you.”

Johnathon Neal


“Thank you very much, your advice was invaluable. It was like a wake up call on how I should be presenting myself to the industry.  Some great ideas to work on! Thanks!”

Kim Driver


“Ryan helped me to sort out my short term goals and to find a few different ways of achieving them, which has really made it easier to just start focussing and progressing. The headshot and showreel advice was also great and once I’ve moved onto the next stage of my career, if I am in need of any other advice, I will definitely book another consultation! Thanks again.”

Emma O'Hara


Heading to Edinburgh?

Another benefit to your consultation with our CEO, Ryan J-W Smith, is that he’s an awarding-winning producer that has had huge success at the world’s largest theatre festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Ryan took his third verse play, Love Labours Won there in 2006 and 2007 where it was lauded with countless 4 and 5-star reviews and was ‘Pick of the Fringe’ both years running. The large size of Smith’s audiences (see video on the right) was unprecedented for theatre with no stars in it and Smith was named ‘Promoter of the Year’ by both the Observer and the Herald Scotland national newspapers. So, it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about promoting a show, but don’t take our word for it – check out Amy Burke’s testimonial.

“Thanks so much! I am SO pleased I decided to have a consultation with Ryan. It was so refreshing to have an open and direct conversation with someone so knowledgeable about the business in three wildly different cities, who could give me an honest and unbiased opinion about what makes sense for me professionally. Ryan is candid and direct, and also incredibly encouraging. 

The unexpected and added benefit of the consultation was Ryan’s knowledge about producing for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’m producing my first show there this year (Bebe+Luna Present…The Cabaret Farce!), and Ryan was able to give me loads of great ideas about how to approach producing and promotion and marketing of the show. That combined with his enthusiasm for the concept of the show itself made me surer than ever that this is what I need to be focusing on at the moment, and that injection of confidence is absolutely priceless

Ryan, you’re a star, and I’m so grateful our online paths crossed! Hopefully our real-life ones will cross soon as well. Take care, and all the best to you!”
Amy Burke



The Talent Scout offers these services for select clients


Choose your preferred currency

Once we have received payment we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your consultation on Skype (voice call).

Career Consultation

UK flag

£66 (inc. VAT) for a 45 minute consultation on Skype (voice call).


Career Consultation

USA flag

$88 for a 45 minute consultation on Skype (voice call).


Superlative Quality. Affordable Price.

Some industry pros charge a small fortune for their advice. For example, there is an ex-casting director who runs a company that provides casting director workshops to actors in NYC and LA. She charges a delightful $250 (about £160) for a 45 minute consultation.

We charge considerably less for a consultation with our CEO – a man who has lived and worked in London, New York and L.A. on both sides of the casting table for over 20 years. We understand that times are tough and you’re probably a struggling artist. You’re also our customer, and it’s our mission to make you happy.

Your right to cancel

Prior to a consultation, we are very happy to provide our customers a ‘cooling off’ period of 7 days within which they may cancel their consultation payment without penalty. After 7 days, unused consultations are not refundable  – but they are, of course, still honored! You will get your consultation. We obviously cannot give refunds on consultations given.

“Thank you again, Ryan, for all your priceless practical advice, business tips and inspiration. It is especially great to hear it from someone who knows the industry from the inside out. All your advice is specific and personal. I very much appreciate your time, intelligence , detailed answers – and opening my mind in all aspects. Thank you Ryan!!!”

Margo Alison

Actress / Model

“Had a great consultation with Ryan! He gave me truly sound advice on my headshots, showreel and online presence, pointing out areas that could use change, showing me how to cultivate myself as a brand/business and giving me something to work on straightaway. He also laid out the facts from the fiction of moving to LA, which is really important to me. The whole interaction was down-to-earth, honest and empowering. I am looking forward to his input and further guidance as I take full reign of my career.

Jenny Wambaa


“Thank you again for your kind words, you instilled a new sense of determination in me which was greatly needed.”

Michelle Cox

Singer and Actress

“I found our session really valuable and inspiring. Many thanks for your help”
Peter van der Stoep


“Thanks for the great advice – I hope to speak to you again soon”
Andrea Bellometti


“It was so nice and inspiring meeting you! Hope we’re going to develop this in the future into a nice collaborative relationship!”
Ana-Maria Bandean



Q. “I have very little experience – I doubt I’m ready for your Referral Service – is it really worth me booking a Career Consultation now?” 

It’s essential you do. So many actors starting out waste years going in a direction that does nothing for their career, or even worse, hinders it. Please let us point you in the right direction now by booking a Career ConsultationWe can guide now you so you can be ready sooner, not just for our Referral Service, but ready to succeed in this business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q. “If I send you my resume and reel can you give me some free advice?” 

Sorry, no. As the world’s #1 talent scout, you have to understand how busy we are. If we spent all day giving out free advice we would not have any time to serve our paying clients. Please be professional and book a Career Consultation – it’s not like we charge the earth.

Q. “Hey, Talent Scout – I’m a really talented actor! Feel free to refer me to all your contacts. Thanks!”

No. We won’t be doing that. Feel free to book a Career Consultation to start your journey with us.

Q. “Why do I need to book a consultation – I’m so famous / talented – you should want to refer me!” 

We don’t know you. We only refer people we know. Book a Career Consultation to get our relationship started.

Q. “I’ve never had an agent or been with any union – can I use the Consultation Service?” 

Of course! We’re here to service everyone, from A-list celebs to absolute beginners.

Q. “I feel kinda weird doing a video chat with someone I don’t know – can we use something other than Skype?” 

We don’t tend to use the video feature during our Skype consultations – it’s just a voice call on both sides. It’s more comfortable; means you can focus on taking notes, and keeps a better streaming connection than video.

Q. “Besides you considering me for the Referral Service, what else will I gain from a Career Consultation?” 

So much! We’ll go through your online profile in detail. You’ll receive experienced feedback on your reel, resume, photos, bio, website, etc. You’ll learn exactly how you are perceived professionally and how to improve that perception for your target city. You can ask us our opinion on big agencies, mid-size agencies, 1-person managers; on showcases; casting workshops; student films, etc. And if you currently have representation, you can tell us your situation and ask for advice on how best to talk to your reps without feeling you’re either being too demanding or too distant.

You will also learn about how to run your business – you may in fact learn for the first time that you are actually a sole trader running a small business. We will teach you how to market yourself better – which is everything in this game.

Q. “Can you tell me more about your Referral Service?”

Sure, just book a Career Consultation and you can ask us as many questions as you like about it during your session.

Q. “If I’m selected for the Referral Service, there are some agents and managers I don’t want contacted. Is that ok?”

Of course! That’s pretty standard. Just tell us who.

Q. “I’m a British actor – I want to move to L.A. Can you help?” 

Yes. We know the visa and immigration process intimately. During your Career Consultation we can give you an overview of what is required, what your current chances might be, and the best path to make your dreams come true. We cannot offer legal advice, but we can point you to great lawyers who can.

There are also subtle, and not-so-subtle, differences between what is acceptable business behavior in London, L.A. and New York – with London and L.A. being the most different. If, for example, you’re a London actor wanting to impress and meet with industry in L.A. we carefully explain the differences, and the pitfalls. It’s very easy to get offended if you’re a Brit in L.A. or New York – things are very different. The same is true of Americans working in London or Europe – we can guide you on what not to say to sensitive Europeans if you want them to love you and take you seriously.

Q. “I heard The Talent Scout Referral Service offers a 100% refund if it doesn’t work – is that right?” 

Yes. Quite simply, we know what the industry is looking for, so we only offer our Talent Scout Referral Service to those actors we feel are ready. If someone isn’t quite ready for the Referral Service, we’ll be honest and tell them exactly what they need to improve before we can move forward. It may just be a few minor changes to a reel or bio. It may mean waiting a few months or more if you’re just starting out and your reel, etc, isn’t quite up there yet – but if so we’ll give you the benefit of our vast experience in how to improve your profile as efficiently as possible.

Honesty – it’s better for everyone and it’s the way we have developed and maintain our high reputation in the industry. We only send our agents and managers the highest quality artists, ready to work. They are sometimes very established, they are sometimes just starting out, but they are all professionals who understand that they need to provide their agents and managers with the marketing tools they need in order to promote them.

Q. “I can only find a fee listed for the Career Consultation Service. Can you tell me the fee for the Referral Service?” 

The Career Consultation fee is the only one shown because the Career Consultation is the only service on general offer. By contrast, the Referral Service is by invitation only. If, after a consultation, an actor is invited to move forward, the fee for the Referral Service is discussed at that point.

Q. “I’d love a Referral to all your contacts – can I have one please?”

Maybe. Can you book a Consultation?

Agents, Managers and Casting Directors may contact us by email

Talent – kindly book a consultation

The Talent Scout is privileged to have been selected for, and participated in, a Consultancy Project with University College London

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