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The Talent Scout®


Confidential global recruitment for the entertainment, advertising and creative industries

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ACTORS: We do not keep actors on file – please do not contact us – for representation we recommend you try BTA®

Our Award-Winning Founder

The Talent Scout® is founded by award-winning artist-turned successful entrepreneur, Ryan J-W Smith. Smith has sat at almost every seat around the production table, and currently serves as the Founder and Senior Agent at the British Talent Agency®. Ryan is also currently completing his Master’s in Law.

Smith’s expertise and experience as an agent/artist, along with his legal training, grace him with a deep understanding of exactly what his fellow industry professionals are looking for. Over the years, The Talent Scout® has helped countless talented professionals to find their way in the entertainment industry.

Artistic accolades: Smith is a festival-winning filmmaker and multi award-winning poet-playwright/director/actor. His films have been shown, selected for, nominated or won their categories at over 25 international film festivals, including Cannes. He has conducted over 60 documentary interviews with leading international figures including Noam Chomsky, Ed Asner and the last known unreleased interviews with both Gore Vidal and Tony Benn.

Excluding film festivals, Smith’s industry accolades include: two-time Hollywood Fringe International Award Winner; two-time Encore Producers’ Award Winner; Hollywood Fringe Comedy Award Nomination; Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award Nomination; Gandhi Foundation Award Recipient; two-time Arts Council England Award Recipient.

Smith won the Hollywood Fringe International Award for 2 years running

The Talent Scout®

Our mission is simple: we bring people together in this wonderful industry.

Here’s a small selection of our past industry testimonials:

“Ryan’s work and skills in the entertainment industry are invaluable”

Ed Asner

Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Actor and former President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

“We would like to arrange a meeting for the Head of International Artists Management to meet with your client”

International Artists Management

“I have just had the loveliest meeting with your client, I think she is fantastic.” 

Lauren Dickinson

Talent Manager, Lauren Fox Management (London)

“Great. Let’s set a meeting for next week.”

Andrew Stawiarski

Talent Manager, A.D.S. Management (LA)

“Many thanks… – your client looks interesting… keep them coming…. great service”  

Mandy Perryment

Talent Agent, Mandy Perryment Artists (London)

“Thank you Ryan, your client does look interesting” 

Suzanne Johnston

Talent Agent, Johnston And Mathers Associates (London)

 “I would be interested in meeting your client”

Richard Kerner

Talent Manager, Kerner Management Associates (LA)

“Hello Lovely Ryan, so nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for thinking of us.” 

Kelle Bryan

Talent Agent, Advocate Agency (London)

“I am very interested in having a appointment with your client. I do welcome your service so feel free to email me more of your clients when they become available.” 

Thomas Ybarra

Talent Manager, Top Priority Group (LA)

“Thanks for your email. We are interested in seeing an application from your client”

Sophie Flanagan

Talent Agent, W Athletic (London)

“Hi Ryan. We are interested in meeting with your client. Thanks”

Nicole Seymour

Talent Agent, LG Management (LA)

“I would be interested to take an initial meeting with your client”

Gregg Millard

Talent Manager, Gregg Millard Management (London)

“Thank you Ryan, I will take a look at your client’s materials”

Alex Butler

CEO / Talent Agent, Henderson Hogan Agency (NYC)

“Thanks for the email regarding your client – can she meet us?” 

Georgie North

Talent Manager, GDA Management (London)

“He has already achieved so much, but it is obvious to anyone that meets him that Ryan is destined for greatness. 

Pj Dulay

Ex-Vice President Global Business Digital Initiative, Universal Music

“Thank you, I would be interested in meeting with your client” 

Linda Kremer

Talent Agent, Billy Marsh Associates (London)

“I would be happy to set up a meeting with your client… Ryan, thank you very much.” 

Michael Forman

Talent Manager, Michael Forman Management (LA)

“Hi Ryan, I would be interested in more info about your client” 

Alex McLean-Williams

Talent Agent, McLean-Williams Management (London)

“Your client is welcome to contact me by email”

Steven Buchsbaum

Talent Manager, Ad Astra Management (LA)

“Yes please!” 

Veronica Jacob

Talent Agent, Fletcher Jacob (London)

“Ryan, Thanks. I appreciate your recommendations. Please keep them coming! All the best to you!”

Oliver Carnay

Talent Manager, International Artists PR & Talent Management (LA)

“Ryan – Thank you”

Ninna Sexsmith

Talent Agent, Daniel Hoff Agency (LA)

“Thank you for your suggestion. You represent a good service to the industry!”

Michael Wallach

Talent Manager, Michael Wallach Management (LA)

“Dear Ryan – Thank you. I would be happy to chat to your client” 

Marvin Giles

Talent Manager, Jackie Nicholson Associates (London)

“It was so great to meet you and your client”

Heidi Rotbart

Talent Manager, Heidi Rotbart Management (LA)

“Thank you – please do ask your client to give us a call” 

Georgia Heptonstall

Talent Manager, Rossmore Management (London)

“I loved your client. Would definitely like to work with him.” 

Versa Manos

Talent Manager, Gorgeous Media Group (LA)

“Thank you… Please let your client know that the management team would be happy to meet her when she is in LA” 

Julian Buchan

Asst. to Steven J. Wolfe, Sneak Preview Entertainment (LA)

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